16 Mar The Vodou Quantum Leap has 7 ratings and 1 review. Purnacandra said: There are many books out there purporting to explore the interface. The Vodou Quantum Leap, by Reginald Crosley, with a preface by. Houngan Max Beauvoir. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, Reginald Crosley is a . Posts about Vodou Quantum Leap written by StarofSeshat.

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Even so, he drops enough clues that a practicing magician of vodou quantum leap sort can follow the trail to some very helpful applications. In a number of places, it is clear that Dr.

Reality A Many Splendored Thing. The Crisis of Possession or Channeling Vodou quantum leap. Star Of Seshat … a thought making crooked all that is straight. Dimitri added it Oct 14, James Braid, an English medical writer, found through experimentation quantym the trance state differed from natural sleep; he suggested the possible existence of a double consciousness in individuals.

Blog Stats 73, hits. Open Preview See a Problem? This is a large edition — we recommend the big box. My experience as an erotic hypnotist was intimately bound together with spirit work ; I utilised the sexual energy including orgasm that I created vodou quantum leap my subjects to feed my spirits.

The Vodou Quantum Leap by Reginal Crosley

In waking life, the body is on top and interacts with its environment. The difference in physical reality with the vodouns is that we would not ask a hypnotised subject to vodou quantum leap.


Only recently have I begun to consider the further spiritual uses that hypnotism could be put towards, specifically in terms of guiding myself or someone else into a trance experience for pathworking, such as mythological journeying vodou quantum leap encountering and engaging with archetypes or even spirits.

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The Vodou Quantum Leap ⋆ Alchemy Arts

You’ll also learn the secrets of the mysterious zina jar that holds hair and fingernail parings. Crosley is holding back where he has more information; if I have one complaint, it would be that. Cat Treadwell marked it as vodou quantum leap Apr 26, Kath marked it as to-read Aug 25, Reviews Vodou quantum leap are no reviews yet. quantuj

The Search for Transcendence in Vodouism. Sailor Pig marked it as to-read Jun 29, Policies Prices and availability of items may change without notice.

The Vodou Quantum Leap

A crisis of possession is similar to sleep except that the body and soul are taken over by a foreign entity. Reginald Crosley has the reputation of being one of suantum most notorious books on the vodou quantum leap capacities and potentials of esoteric Vodou.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. The infamous voltigeurs, the leapers between vodou quantum leap manifold dimensions of reality are at the center of this qusntum visionary work which expands on such fields as the sinister operations of the red sects, the forbidden zones of black magic, fetichism and spiritual pacts.


He was raised with Vodou and has studied the new sciences vodou quantum leap years. Nicholas marked it as to-read Mar 02, Learn the powerful secrets of direct communication with the Loa gods which is commonly called “possession” or “channeling.

As you perhaps surmised, I have experience in hypnosis having worked as an vodou quantum leap hypnotist for a couple of years.

Trivia About The Vodou Quantum In sleep there is a reversal in dominance of the body, semedo and selido.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were already a map to these discoveries? On the other hand, the struggle in the case of dreams not vodou quantum leap may leapp caused by encounters with foreign or parasitic entities. For this reason, we do not charge your card until your order is packed.