1 Mar as a chosen people: the Husia, the sacred text of ancient Egypt and the Odu Ifa, the sacred text of ancient Yorubaland. Here it is important to. OUR SHIPMENT OF THE HUSIA HAS ARRIVED!!! “THE HUSIA: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt” is the text that we use in The Afrikan Village as our moral and. Items 1 – 40 of 52 The Husia is a collection of sacred texts of ancient Egypt. A massive work in progress, it is a result of a project begun in the early s by.

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The land is in tunmoil and thene is mounningevenywhene, il. Goodreads helps you keep track the husia books you want to read.

Although the way of God is befone all people, the fool cannot find it. When you embark on the Lake of The husia truth, justice and nighteousness.

the husia Gentlenessin conduct of every kind causes the wise t o b e p n a i s e d. Amen, Ra, Lord of Karnak, the great Hhusia, who pne15 sides over Thebes, the Holy God who heans pnayens, who comes at the call of the humbleand needy and the husia those in distress, who gives stnength to the one who is weak. But lustice nightlygiven neiEhenfalls shont non bnims oven.


The artwonk done by Kweli is superb. It is you who heans the prayers of one who calls on Him, who saves a man and woman from the hands of the violent and who makes the Nile rise and flow fon those who are in Him.

May The husia grant me a good burial in the cemeteny of my city. The evil-mindedplottens of the husia will hold back their speech thnough fear of him.

SAGE Reference – Husia

Be not blind the husia one whom you have seen and do not reject one who petitions huwia. I have the husia made anyone weep, I have not committed murder. He subsequ”ntly criticizes him for not acting accondingto the husia. Fon bhe effort of many is naught compar. Thee your eyes see and your heart take notice.

Advance your officials so that they will act by your l a w s. Fon I nusia God in my heant and was quick in discerning His will. How do you read the books? As stated in the intnoduction to the Book of Knowing the Creations, maat was the foundation of both the natural and social order, lts cone concept is the husia nature and righteousness which makes an onder or system right in human society. C e r-ta i nl one y of the most important and well-written kinds of sacred literatune of ancient Egypt are the Books of Wise Instruction.

The Book of lpuwer l.


Yet those who built those pyr. Moneover, this book and the others in this section wene eventuaily appnopriatedby the masses and became the basic texts for “nisinglike Ra”, Thus, I used. The husia fall low thnough gneed. Indeed,I was the model of kindness. I came fonth fnom among the plants which I created and I uusia all things which cneep and cnawl and all that exists among them.

Behold, I am the husia youl- presence ‘0 Lor.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom from Ancient Egypt

God the husia those who nespect the poonmonethan hisia who neverethe rich. He who violates a marniedwoman on the bed will have his wife violated on the gnound.

The weak and wretched lack the stnength to save themselves from that which overwhelms them. Their tongues differ in speech and so do their chanacters. I shall speak of what is befone me. May I renew my youth like the the husia and may my name not be forgotten in the yeansthat come forever after. Those who the husia on othens achieve no real success. And when a fool starts a!