uploaded by. uploader avatar Syed Asim Gardezi. Seerat e Masoomeen1 of 2. uploaded by. uploader avatar Shiakitabe. Tafseer Al Meezan Vol 2. uploaded by. 10 Feb Name Of Book: Tafseer Al Meezan Author: AyatUllah Muhammad Hussain Tabatabai Translator: AyatUllah Hassan Raza Ghadeeri Volume: 1. 10 Feb jazakallah bhai allah aap ki tofeeqat me izafa farmaye aor aap ko ajer azeem daiy.. me kafi time se Allama Tabatabai ki tafseer Al meezan.

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In most exegeses of the Qur’an before Tafsir al-mizaninterpreters usually cited different possibilities concerning the meaning of a verse, but Tafsir al-mizan appeals to other Qur’anic verses or the evidence within the same verse in order to identify one of the possibilities as the meaning of the verse. One of the significant advantages of this exegesis is its profound inquiries about important issues such as the miraculous character of the Qur’an, the stories of the prophets, human soul and spirit, God’s response to people’s tafseer al meezan, monotheismrepentancedivine sustenance rizq tafseer al meezan, divine blessings barakajihadannulment of actions ihbatwhich are discussed when relevant to the verse that is being interpreted.

Community and Culture in Changing Social Tafseer al meezan. He was a well-respected authority on religious subjects of jurisprudence and its fundamentals; a philosopher of independent views and new theories; and an inspired model tafseer al meezan ethical and spiritual perfection.

Before Tafsir al-mizanit was uncommon among the interpreters of the Qur’an to juxtapose Qur’anic verses of the same subject-matter with one another in order to come to a certain conclusion concerning some notion.

Moreover, he has also compared the Old and the New Testaments with the Qur’an, and has identified parts tafseer al meezan the Testaments that have been distorted. The author tafseer al meezan tafser religious and Qur’anic notions, such as God’s response to prayers, monotheismrepentancedivine sustenance rizqdivine blessing barakajihadand the ihbat annulment of actionsby an appeal to Qur’anic verses.

Tafseer Al Meezan Vol 2

A salient feature of Tafsir al-mizan is that, on the one hand, it deals with the objections of the opponents, and, on the other hand, it tries to provide an understanding of the religious notions that complies with the new developments both in the society and in scientific, philosophical and theological issues.


This is one of the verses that the opponents of Islam and proponents of women’s rights have singled out in order yafseer invalidate the ordinances of the Qur’an. Pages with template loops Articles containing non-English-language text Tafseer al meezan tadseer editorial tafser Articles with quality and priority assessment A grade priority articles B grade quality articles A grade priority and b grade quality articles Articles with appropriate links Articles with photo Articles with category Articles tafseer al meezan infobox Articles with navbox Articles with redirects Articles without references.

Another index is provided by Eliyas Kalantari for both the Arabic and the Persian versions of the book. Retrieved from ” https: We shall endeavor to add tafseer al meezan clarification of more verses to this page as deemed necessary.

This methodology was tafseer al meezan invented by ‘Allama Tabataba’i; the method was employed by scholars before him though with major differences. Some books have so far been written about Tafsir al-mizan that might be classified as follows:. He holds that the Qur’an has an exterior and an interior; he thinks that we need the real interpreters of the Qur’an, that is, the Prophet s and twelve Imams ain order to understand the interior layers of the Qur’an, but to understand the exterior of the Qur’an we do not need anything other than the Qur’an itself, and when tafseer al meezan or clear verses can tafseer al meezan and clarify its obscure or allegorical verses, we should not rely on the occasions on which the verse is said to have been revealed, or the views of the interpreters of the Qur’an, and exegetical hadiths in order to understand the verse.

Tafsir al-mizan is one of the tafseer al meezan sources for an inquiry about the stories of the prophets as envisaged in the Qur’an. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In virtue of its intellectual honesty and fairness, the solidity of its methodology, meezn the precision of its contents, Tafsir al-mizan has always been the focus of attentions by Shiite and Tafseer al meezan scholars in Iran and other Islamic countries. This article about an Islamic tafsder book is a stub.

He not only taught morality, but also lived it. Tafseer al meezan original rendering in Arabic is replete with academic, philosophical and metaphysical terms and discussions and the translator has discharged his responsibility diligently while taking great care to ensure that the original idea is rendered into English according to meeezan abilities and in the most faithful manner.


May God the Almighty rest his soul in peace. Like all other Monotheistic religions and traditions, Islam condemns adultery. These two were tafseer al meezan the most prominent scholars in the Shia world.

Tafseer Al Meezan Vol 2 | Library 4 Shia | Collection Of Shia & Sunni Books

Retrieved from ” http: But the Qur’an does not stipulate stoning as punishment for any group of people — whether unmarried or married. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This is a community funded project. And as to those [women] on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, tafseer al meezan [if that does not make any difference, then] leave them alone in the sleeping-places and tafseer al meezan that does not make any difference, then] strike them.

The method of Tafsir al-mizan is the interpretation of a Qur’anic verse in terms of other Qur’anic verses.

In accordance with this methodology, the author mentions some verses of a sura that have the same tafseer al meezan, and then he deals with the literal meanings and the uses of the words in those verses. Articles containing Arabic-language text All stub articles. Pointing to the interrelatedness of the Quranic tafseer al meezan and arguing based on some Quranic verses and Islamic traditionmewzan concludes that a valid interpretation meezxn Quran could be achieved only through contemplation of all other related verses, and consulting Islamic traditions whenever it is necessary.

Tafseer Al Meezan Vol 1 Urdu

It is even more important that the Qur’an requires solid evidence of the adultery to disprove false accusations. This book is a comparative study of Islamic philosophy and various modern anti-Islamic schools of thoughts, especially Marxism. Tatseer page tafseer al meezan last edited on 8 Juneat The above verses and other verses show how firmly the Qur’an forbids adultery and the punishment stipulated is a tafaeer lashes for each adulterer.

We tafseer al meezan also like to thank Dr.