Sofijin svijet has ratings and reviews. Rebecca said: The two things this book has going for it are: the plot and narrative frame are origi. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Sofijin svijet. Front Cover. Jostein Gaarder. Znanje, – QR code for Sofijin svijet. Title, Sofijin svijet. Volume of Biblioteka Hit · Biblioteka moderne .

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The man who teaches Sophie philosophy is condescending, patronizing, and pedantic. A rare piece of Norwegian fiction that’s made it to the States in excellent translation The book is somewhat postmodern in this respect, but brought down to a level suitable for young adult readers.

If you are already interested and educated in philosophy, then this book is not for you, as it only briefly touches on some theories and it over-simplified in most cases, leading the uneducated reader into thinking they understand the theory, when in fact what they understand often barely resembles the theory as it was first proposed.

Either way, I like my ending better than the “invisible people” stuff and the dad-daughter smugness team Albert and Hilde.


Sofijin svijet – Wikipedija

Retrieved from ” https: I will say that I adore the history of philosophy in novel form. He remained totally in control throughout the whole story and commanded her in a way that made me uncomfortable at times. Moore, Russell, Wittgenstein, are not mentioned at all. What amused me were the vast differences in people’s reactions when I told them what I was reading and that I didn’t like it very much.

However, the book was weighed down by several elements of the story that a good editor could have foreseen and cut out. But I was hoping for a beautiful and engaging tale that took away the usual textbook format of reading about philosophy. Aug 17, It is named after the novel.

Sophie can be annoying in the way a 15 year old know it all sofiji be annoying. See all 19 questions about Sofijin svijet….

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Would someone clarify the point, please? Discussing philosophy with other people An important element early on are Sophie’s inner monologues where she is independently discussing a philosophical question.

In the meantime, This is not a book for me. Again, why did I like this book?

Sofijin svijet by Jostein Gaarder (3 star ratings)

I think it would be better if it had no story at all and just a composition of philosophical dialog Wisest is she who knows she does not know.

I found it draggy, creaky, didactic and boring. Home All editions This editionCroatian, Book edition: The man threw up his arms.


Refresh and try again. Among all schools and philosophers and modes of sviuet one particular sentence was distinctively captivating for me; The starry heavens God, I don’t even know why I decided to read this againbut I didand this time I literally devoured it.

It would work on film or on stage, but on paper it needs much more ridiculousness to succeed. D Trotzdem war da etwas, dass mich neugierig auf das Ende gemacht hat und so habe ich es durchgezogen.

Svijef Amundsun is a clever fourteen-year-old full o An interesting little metafiction— at times, meta-metafiction— for aspiring baby philosophers. I think it would be better if it had no story at all and just a composition of philosophical dialogues. He is the first to talk about time and space and how they shape our understanding See all 19 questions about Sofijin svijet…. Text in Serbo-Croatian ; roman.

I can rationalize the reasons thusly: