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Manthaanabahulabaahavae, The Lord is the wind that blows at the time of the destruction of the Universe and churns the Universe, just as a milk-maid churns the milk pot with her churning rod Swhastra, The Lord gives abundantly to those who worship You Madhukaloachanaay, Whose eyes are the color of honey Hide my email address. Lambitoeshthaay, The Lord stretches His lips at the time of dissolution to swallow the Universes Dhoomakaetanaay, The Lord is the form of fire and sshastra This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

So great is the […]. Trishoolaay, The Lord is exceedingly beautiful and surpasses all in His grandeur Suryaay, The Lord is the light in the sun Bhavaay, The Lord is existence Yojyaay, One who merges Himself in the Absolute Avyaktaay, the Lord is all that is unmanifested not comprehended by the senses Subaandhavaay, He is the friend, an excellent kinsman Sarvagandhasukhaavahaay, The Lord can perceive different fragrances at the same time Virajaay, One who is free from passion, one who is stainless Harinaay, The Lord is pure free from any stainsOR fair in color Suchchhatraay, The Lord has a beautiful umbrella Mahabalaay, One who is possessed of infinite strength Strootaay, he is omnipresent Please make sure the Twitter account is public.


This version of the Shiv Sahastranamavali has been given by Lord Krishna to Yuddhisthira after the Mahabharata War while Bhishma was lying on the sjiv of arrows. Ghoratapasaey, The performer of severe austerities has made the Lord the destroyer of the Universe Umaadhavaay, You are the delight or love of Uma Mahaakaeshaay, The Lord has hair of infinite length Amrutagovrushaeshvaraay, The Lord is the giver of immortality as the fruit of the acts of sahqstra to those who are desireless Gunaushadhaay, The Lord is the medicine to overcome the attributes of nature Gunas Vaishravanaay, You are the Lord of the Yakshaas and Kubera, who is inseparable from you Mahaamunayae, The Lord who is the greatest contemplator, yogi or Muni Mahaamaatraay, One who is of vast dimensions Taravae, The Lord rescues all aerations from distress Vishnuprasaaditaay, To whom Lord Naak adores, who is dear to Vishnu, who bestows grace on Vishnu Aloekaay, The Lord transcends saahastra the Worlds, regions Kaalaay, One who is the sixty four Kalas skills, art, etc.

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Thank you for existing and sharing India’s wonderful heritage and legacy to the world.

Susahaay, The Lord is amiable Maeroodhaamnae, The Lord resides on Mount Maeru Mahabeejaay, The great seed,the cause of the Universe Neelakanthaay, Blue throated, as He swallowed the terrible poison Gandharvaay, One who knows all about music and praises, one who is the form of the Gandharvaas Bhootanishaevitaay, The Lord is the goal of the ancient sages Namaste, I received my package today.

Kaanchanacchavayae, The Lord has effulgence like that of burnished gold