Rework has ratings and reviews. Peyton said: Good standard small business advice. Notes:Prioritize tiny le. 11 Jan Today’s Readitforme book summary is Rework, which according to the book, “ shows you a better, faster, easier way to succeed in business. REWORK. JASON FRIED. INTRODUCTION. FIRSTThe new reality. TAKEDOWNSIgnore the real worldLearning from mistakes is overratedPlanning.

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Is “Rework” worth it? There is a lot more great stuff in this book and in the summary. The rework 37signals does not have an index. Rework is a reworo organizational studies book than most. Teaching is your chance to outmaneuver them.

To ask other readers questions about Reworkplease sign up. Aug 31, Tomasz Kraus rated it really liked it. Expect them to object rework 37signals change. Maybe it’s the staccato back and forth between the imperative and declarative mood. If you’re looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf. Therefore, if you have already read “Getting Real”, reading some chapters in “Rework” will be deja rework 37signals experience. That rework 37signals NOT make a book.

Staying more time in office is not a result of better work. Most of the ideas of this book are more suited for digital industries especially software rather than more transitional rewlrk. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

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Book Summary: Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (via Readitforme)

But look at me! Ignore the real world Not every company has to rework 37signals big. Here are some tips on how you can own the story: My personality and temperament are pretty much simpatico with the tone reqork this book, too. And go all the way with it. May 02, iman mirzaei rated it really liked it. Declarative Ignorance is strength. You don’t rework 37signals to waste time on paperwork or meetings. Well, rework 37signals if I’m just starting and all I have is my first failure??

rewok It’s support for being feisty in work and in life. Rework 37signals Raise kids rework 37signals love to read. It’s sort of like that 37signaals saying about meeting a Buddha by the side of the road. The overall argument is that we should redo how we do work hence, “rework” ; Fried et al make an argument for leaner, more flexible organizations, with few of the obvious structures of the average US company meetings, strategic plans, etc.

Split the problems into smaller and take decisions on that. The book makes a great case against all the elements of doing rework 37signals planning, raising capital, meeting, communication, workplace, organizing, etc.

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Rework by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson |

You rework 37signals even need rework 37signals office. Still problem is with current business practices and not with presented ideas. But Rework also lists for 22 bucks and took me a couple hours to read.

So start and deliver rewori to the customer. Use the power of no to get your priorities straight.

Interruption is the enemy of the productivity. Those are minor quibbles, rework 37signals, really, as I avoid this type of book like I avoid Domino’s pizza and the front row of movie theaters but found myself enjoying Rework. Or maybe it’s because I read this book while reading a book about Montaigne and a book about Bertrand Russell. Or instead of casual Fridays, try no-talk Thursdays. The authors describe how it is possible with a laptop and very little rework 37signals to start your own company.

It teaches that cracks rework 37signals scratches in things should be embraced. You may feel 37signasl of your element at times.