Mezz Mezzrow was a boy from Chicago who learned to play the sax in reform school and pursued a life in music and a life of crime. He moved from Chicago to . Milton Mesirow (November 9, – August 5, ), better known as Mezz Mezzrow, was an Really the Blues, Jazz Archives (France); Mezz Mezzrow & His Band Featuring Collins & Singleton, Blue Note; Mezz Mezzrow. 23 Feb Mezz Mezzrow was a boy from Chicago who learned to play the sax in reform school and pursued a life in music and a life of crime. He moved.

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A white Jewish kid from Really the blues mezz mezzrow, Mezzrow claims to learned from playing on the street and then honing his skills from “Music School? Aug 06, Harold rated it really liked it Shelves: A second was the aforementioned passion for a very specific jazz that came up out of the Crescent City and got amplified by his friend, Louis “Pops” Armstrong.

He fhe how common terms related to music, nlues and jive culture of the ss developed.

The bles really the blues mezz mezzrow with intensity and describes a journey into one’s self that takes the reader from the recording studios of Harlem, across the world of music, into the flophouses and whorehouses that featured jazz in the early years, on through jails, prisons and work gangs.

On the cover page, Mezz dedicates his autobiography as follows: April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Or in a car full of reefer smoke. Mexz Mezzrow was buried at Pere Lachaise graveyard in Paris. Armstrong was one of his biggest customers. But it’s way more than that.


Really the Blues – Mezz Mezzrow, Bernard Wolfe – Google Books

Preview — Really the Blues by Mezz Mezzrow. He details the movement of big-band jazz away for the original improvisation and small-group synthesis that combined composition and performance.

An entertaining and informative ‘rave up’ that comes across like one, long spoken jazz riff. In a publication called “The Record Changer,” reviewer Ernest Bornemen said that these tracks, “went back beyond Louis and beyond Bunk Johnson and beyond Buddy Bolden, to the very roots of music, to really the blues mezz mezzrow cane and the rice and the indigo and the worksongs and the slave ships and the dance music of the inland Ashanti and the canoe songs of the Wolof and Mandingo along the Senegal River.

I learned to play the sax in Pontiac Reformatory. By following Mezz from Chicago to New Orleans, Paris and New York City we not only get to enjoy the story of an unlikely and adventurous really the blues mezz mezzrow, we are treated to an amazing behind the scenes look at the jazz world that makes this required reading for anyone even mildly interested in jazz or American culture in general.

Published December 1st by Citadel Underground first published The lingo alone is worth the price. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This book made a huge impression on me when I was about 13 years old — early s, suburbs of NYC. Great jazz milieu anecdotes told like it’s late at night in the dressing room. One of the best really the blues mezz mezzrow about jazz I’ve ever read. Jul 25, Konrad Lenz rated it it was amazing.

Mezz Mezzrow – Wikipedia

ForwardJune Jul 31, Wally rated it it was amazing. This page was last edited really the blues mezz mezzrow 4 Januaryat If you want to learn about jazz, but also want an entertaining and mezxrow look at the era, this is the book. We’re suggesting, without a hint of accusation, that Kerouac borrowed heavily from, or at least riffed on, the Mezzrow’s mostly forgotten mezzow.


Oct 09, Floyd Webb rated it really liked it.

Really the Blues

This is an excellent first-hand introduction to jazz as it was developing from Dixieland New Orleans and the Chicago off-shoot that developed under Mezzrow’s really the blues mezz mezzrow. Now go pick this up and read it. His dedication to jazz and writing this book actually did change the world.

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Thanks for Barnes and Noble for their attention to classics of culture and history, in this series “Barnes and Noble Rediscovers. This is my favorite book, ever.

Raised on Chicago’s south fhe, really the blues mezz mezzrow landed in jail early. May 22, Michel-olivier Gasse rated it really liked it.

Told in the jive lingo of the underground’s inner circle, this classic is an unforgettable chronicle really the blues mezz mezzrow street life, smoky clubs, and roadhouse dances. He engaged Alex Hill, the top black arranger, as the arranger and leader for the new band he organized. Very entertaining first-person account of jazz’s infancy by one of its seminal players although I did get a little weary of Mezzrow being impressed with his own authenticity, and with his refusal to let jazz evolve.