Rati Rahasyam (A Kama Shastra Book) [.: (Dr. Ramananda Sharma)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi. Title: Kokkokudi Rathi Rahasyam; Author: Kokkokudu; Publisher: MSR Publications; ISBN: TELSEXED08; Binding: Paperback; Number Of Pages: . Rathi Rahasyam 18+. likes. Book. Thasni Mol Sinu. Music Video. Shayni S Shayni. Public Figure .. Rathi Rahasyam 18+ updated their cover photo.

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It is called 1 Samudga, when the thighs of the man are kept between those of the woman while both lie facing each other.

Rathi Rahasyam ( രതി രഹസ്യം )

She has many deficiencies and she is usually won over forcibly by the use of the rod. Sculpture from the Sun temple at Konarak 25 A lyrical and graceful sculpture of a loving couple, from the Bharatji temple, Khajuraho 26 Embracing figures from the Devi Jagdamba temple, Khajuraho Between pages 40 and 41 27 The fond embrace.

Rahawyam figures from the sculp- tures of Lakshamana temple, Khajuraho. A man causes the Shankhini type rathi rahasyam book reach her climax best in the third yama; and the charming Padmini type he can please in the fourth yama of the day and the night. So you, distinguished men of learning, rathi rahasyam book also enjoy its benefits.

In rathi rahasyam book context, the commentator Yashodhara tells us of the rathi rahasyam book that it was while Mahadeva was engaged in his amorous dalliance with Uma lasting for a thousand divine years, that his attendant Nandi, waiting at the gate, composed the Kama Sutra.


Share your thoughts with other customers. The teeth-marks made on the lips and the left cheek are called the Uchchhunaka. If he rathi rahasyam book asleep, she should not wake him. When these marks are made in a row more than two or three angulas apart, they are called Rekha. The elephant type of woman is characterised by broad cheeks and forehead and blok ears rathi rahasyam book nostrils. Recipes for Depilation, 93 H. Rxhasyam Devasattva woman possesses a pure and sweet-smelling body ; her face is very bright.

Their arms and sides are muscular and fleshy; hair straight, thick and profuse. Whatever additional characteristics belonging to the various types of women of different humours have been mentioned in Gunapataka will now be further detailed, rahhi their veracity has been borne out by experience.


The difference between the two is merely that the woman craves the man without any expectation of the rewards of Dharma. Quoted by Tripathi in his commentary on K.

He has further shown that Vatsyayana has followed the method of Kautilya, and that Kalidasa was well acquainted with the Kama Sutra. However, from the classifications of women given heretofore, such as those based on Jati or physical characteristics deer type, etc. rathi rahasyam book


The Upanishads describe the sexual act as a sacrificial act Putra-mantha Chandogya V. Now and again he should jingle his ornaments and press his lower lip. She on her part, rathi rahasyam book her thighs out, while sitting in his lap, faces him. Tripathi, in his commentary, explains these four types.

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Pururava’s attraction for Urvashi was heightened when his shoulder touched hers. This quintes- sence of learning is delicious and wholesome, and fit rathi rahasyam book be exercised in the enjoy- ment of youthful beauty.

Regarding the upper limit, the translator, like some others, takes the Haramekhald as composed in A.

Similarly, women are classified into three broad categories: None of these convey anything to us about the author and the place or school or anything else to which he belonged. It is termed the Sanghataka posture when there are two women and one man. May this be offered to the God of Love! Their knees and limbs are not absolutely straight; their nails are beautiful rathi rahasyam book their fingers exceedingly long; their eyes are large, long, aquiver.

It rathi rahasyam book in R. Mithuna figures from the south facade of the Jagamohan of the Sun temple, Konarak. She is devoid of dignity. As rathi rahasyam book obtain more and more satisfaction, during the later unions, they become sufficiently well-equipped emotionally to derive satisfaction in a shorter time.

The foremost of these later works to preserve these non- Vatsyayana material and to give us a glimpse of the works that existed in this branch is the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka.