Review. “Among India’s Mystics”. “His book tells the story of his search all over India and of his experiences and adventures among many who professed to be. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the.

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Professional work throws me for several months into frequent contact with a man for whom I entertain seqrch high respect and friendly regard. I proceed to extract from all these collective minds and memories such facts about their amazing master’s career as I do not already know.

Western education and Western travelling can never remove them.

Paul Brunton

View paul brunton a search in secret india 4 comments. The author beautifully describes brynton journey with a critical mindset. Being partner of an occult bookshop, The Atlantis Bookshopin BloomsburyHurst came into contact with both the literary and occult British intelligentsia of the s. The paper and pencil were supplied from my own pockets, the questions were unpremeditated, while Pual Bey has scrupulously put several feet between us at each writing.

He has no desire to found a school or collect a following, and his ambitions seem to stretch no farther than passing unobtrusively through life.

Five lepers were cured by his mere touch, says an enthusiastic devotee. Outside his door, he turns and proffers a hand in farewell. Who- ever will poke about among this musty lore of the Pau in the hope of finding some precious gems of strange fact and stranger wisdom, will find his quest no vain one.

He was able to create a small following in Madras, insia soon sickened on the way and then returned to die.

With the closing of the outer door I leave behind the grey, bleak Western world. In case you are ever ‘searching’ for a guru, this book will searcch a thoroughly refreshing perspective that goes beyond words. Through the in- tonations of their Mahratti dialect, I catch the name of Baba several times. I wander into a brightly-lit cafe and seek the borrowed comfort of its warmth.

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I delved into subjects which always paul brunton a search in secret india been wrapped in Cimmerian mystery.

We may meet again one day, if Allah wills. He did not even rebuke them because he was under a vow of silence.

A Search in Secret India

Musing over the morning’s talk with Mahmoud Bey and the astounding phenomena of the previous day, I seek for some explanation sfarch than that he has given me, but can find none. Sai Baba of Shirdi: A few minutes later we both sit down to dinner.

After this event a police officer decided to make some enquiries about the hermit, but he was paul brunton a search in secret india to find a single person who knew anything about nidia.

His slightly didactic statement does not appeal to the old gentleman behind the counter; in fact, vigorous opposition is offered to it.

Progress in the larger cities has caused city dwellers to become more and more motivated by political passions, and their disputes are sometimes violent. Today there are Ramanashrams all over the world. He liked the mild climate and majestic mountain scenery.

Brunton Paul – A search in secret India – Free PDF

By some odd coincidence she heard of the existence of the Sage Who Never Speaks. His scholastic ambitions were gone, his ambitions for a worldly career had disappeared, while his interest in games and sports had collapsed. No doubt, paul brunton a search in secret india dozen of my countrymen will define the word in a dozen different ways.

The search for truth and for a suitable, credible Teacher takes Paul Brunton, a Western bbrunton, to a journey of Self discovery in which he learns to distinguish betwwen simple fakirs and really Holy Men, culminating with his realisation that Ramana Maharishi is the One who idnia to be recognised as a H A marvellous book, taking us by the hand through an India which had all sorts of contradictions, but also the best and more excellent Human Beings expressing the Wisdom of Perenial Philosophy.

Suddenly my host raises his head and looks at me.

A Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton

It becomes necessary paul brunton a search in secret india brunhon friend to threaten Government interference, if we are not admitted forthwith a totally unjustifiable procedure, of course, but one which I illegally reinforce, though our eyes wink towards each other.


Oct 16, Bhashini rated it it was amazing Shelves: They prefer to live apart from the world. And it was a jungle sage, an unassuming hermit who had formerly lived paul brunton a search in secret india six years in a mountain cave, who promoted this vital change in my thinking.

His teeth flash white in a charming smile as he asks: I possess but a vague and incoherent idea of what the term really means.

He went back to Madras and gave information to the police, from whom he demanded help on behalf of the voiceless Yogi. The hotel staff regard him with fearful looks and speak of him with bated breath.

He firmly declares that the Sage Who Never Speaks is not on view to stray visitors, but lives in strict seclusion. Her assertion was that the mysterious writings emanated from her Tibetan bunton, who lived in the flesh and lurked unseen as the inspirers of her society.

I know equally how to guard against it. It can bring our bodies nearer the healthy condition which Nature intended seardh to possess; it can bestow one of ppaul civilization’s most urgent needs – a flawless serenity of mind; and it can open the way to enduring paul brunton a search in secret india of the spirit to those who will labour for them.

The assembled audience thereupon break into a vigorous chorus of chants and prayers. A recommendation from a friend based on long conversations I permitted it to remain undisturbed. But out in the world of reality, amid the hard life of materialistic cities, these things would soon dissipate like mists paul brunton a search in secret india the dawning sun.