Tickets: at Piazza Stazione for Florence ATAF city bus There is a city centre bus network called ‘Le City Line de Firenze” that has a small network of 4 routes. Con il nuovo servizio di ricerca cartografica degli orari รจ possibile selezionare una fermata sulla mappa ed ottenere i transiti relativamente alle linee passanti. At the ATAF ticket office in Firenze Santa Maria Novella you can purchase tickets for the public transportation services in Firenze and surroundings.

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Especially useful is the D route.

If you are staying in accommodation outside the historic centre it will be one of these buses you use. Mappa ataf firenze a great trip! It may take a while to load. Now all I have to do is get myself back to Firenze, where my favorite in-town route is the D Bus from the station to the lovely neighborhoods across the river. I love the buses and figuring them out, and we conserve a lot of energy using them. Even if you have a hotel in atwf outer city it is unlikely these will be of value.

Although Pisa Airport is 85 kms 50 miles from Florence, it is more widely used by airlines, mappa ataf firenze the low cost budget airlines like Ryanair and easyJet as well as traditional national carriers like British Airways.

Is there a bus from our hotel Degli Orfi to the train station? Hope this is clear.

Florence ATAF Bus Line Map

Best wishes, John http: You can click mappa ataf firenze options and view the route cirenze the map. This is easier to see on the map on Google Transit than it is to describe.


You can cqtch this right near your hotel. After you get on, make your way to the nearby ticket validating machine and put your ticket in. And do we buy tickets from tobacconist, mapa we have mappa ataf firenze Rome?

Firenze (Florence) bus map

The link displays this: Mappa ataf firenze am home in Oregon, so perhaps the time zone is such that you have already arrived. Florence Airport, is called Amerigo Vespucci and situated on the north-west outskirts of Florence, just 4 km from the city centre.

The program may only accept a date and time a limited time into the future, but you can try this and also enter a day and time similar to when you would need the bus to see what shows up. If you are taking the D bus in from the station to the hotel, you may want to enter and observe the result carefully. Another route initiating a few minutes later might be preferable.

A bus shuttle called Volainbus runs about every 30 minutes between Florence Mappa ataf firenze and a bus station close to Santa Maria Novella train station on mappa ataf firenze edge of the historic centre of Florence.

ATAF – La mappa della rete ataf&li-nea

For the visitor to Florence the city is very compact, the historic city centre has mappa ataf firenze all the attractions most first-time visitors mappa ataf firenze to see – walking is the way to get around once you are in the centre.

Click here to see the ATAF city center minibus lines map shown below. How to use the buses You really should buy your tickets in advance, you can firene from the driver but there is a big price penalty for doing so. So if Florence is your first city in Italy and you’re flying into Italy, there mappa ataf firenze a good probability you’ll be flying into Pisa Airport, not Florence Airport.


Google Transit lists this as an 18 minute ride. Florence City Line bus map. We used the D line- shown in green- most often.

There is a city centre bus network called ‘Le City Line de Firenze” that has a small network of 4 routes covering a quite small area in and immediately around the historic centre. Hi mappa ataf firenze On your very helpful webpage http: Although Florence has its own airport quite close to the city virenze Florence, it is not used that widely by airlines, although national carriers like Lufthansa do atfa schedules.

They run every 10 minutes, and using mappa ataf firenze can be a great aid and can save time and energy.

Like the City Line there is no single hub in the centre of Florence, but Santa Maria Novella train station msppa Piazza San Marco both have a very high density of routes that stop at these strategic points. Then there is fiirenze comprehensive network of mappa ataf firenze bus routes run by ATAF and LI-nea that radiate out mappa ataf firenze the periphery of the historic centre to all of the suburbs. Bus stops and the terminus for each route are dispersed over quite a wide area.