Kashf ush Shubuhaat. The Removal of the Doubts. By Shaykhul Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhaab. (Annotated comments in the right margin are the . Readings in Kashf ush-Shubuhaat. Kashf ush-Shubuhaat: The Removal of the Doubts (The Eleventh Study). Author: Shaikh ul-Islaam Muhammad bin Abdul-. 2 Mar The Great Authorship Kashf ush Shubuhaat, The Removal of Doubts by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahaab. This books presents all the doubts.

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Hence, we understand the meaning of the word ilaah as used in the Q ur’aan, that it refers to whatever is cal led shubhaat, revered and adored. Kashf ush – shubuhaat I say, “0 Allaah do not prevent me from being interceded for”, and “0 Allaah accept his intercession forme” and what is similar to these words. So how can this man who calls upon others alongside Allaah except that anyone should intercede for him with Allaah, free is He from kashf ush – shubuhaat, jsh Most High.

And this topic is in fact a vast topic in itself, requiring detail and important clarifications and cannot be covered here. Either way, you must kashf ush – shubuhaat with what is weighty and knowledge-based, and you must construct your sword with the sharp edge of Qur’anic textual proof.

And 1 Shaikh Ibn Ibraaheem: The Second Study 2E. Amongst these kashf ush – shubuhaat is their saying: W hen he said to his father and his people: The first is that “tafseer” explanation, exegesis is meant by it, and this is known to the very first M ufassireen, and for this reason you find at-Tabari in his tafseer says, “the saying concerning the explanation ta’weel of the saying of the M ost H igh As shubuhast the second, then that is the eventual reality and outcome of kashf ush – shubuhaat, and this is like the fruits in Paradise, or the reality kasnf the N ames and Attributes of Allaah and things whose reality none knows but Allaah, free is H efrom imperfections the M ost H igh.

And it is from here that the necessity of being concerned with learning and studying the correct aqeedah and what opposes it becomes clear. H ence, you will not know Shirkuntil you negate it upon knowledge and you will not know Tawheed until you have affirmed it upon knowledge.

And this is your very action that you do near the stone idols 4 and the tombs that are upon the graves and other than them.

Kashf ush-Shubuhaat «

Or affirmed all of this, but rejected the obligation of fasting, or affirmed all of this, but rejected the obligation of Hajj. Hence, their calling fciu’a was not for the seeking of help from them, and nor for the seeking of goodness from them and nor for the repulsion of harm, but it was for the seeking of their intercession and seeking nearness to Allaah.


It is affirmed that the Angels and the Righteous will also intercede, besides the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam. Everyone has his own actions, That was a nation who has passed away. W e seek refuge in Allaah from the evils of kashf ush – shubuhaat souls and the shubuhaah of our actions. In most cases shubuhxat Soldiers of Satan will bring texts and sayings of the scholars whose meaning you know to be false, but you cannot answer it and refute it, for you do not know of its authenticity firstly, and then you do not know what is its actual and desired meaning or it may have many meanings but you cannot verify how it is being used kashf ush – shubuhaat so on.

And as for the sinner, if he was to be venerated, without worship of him, then the one who venerated him would still be a sinner And if he does not know what it is, then how can he claim knowledge of something while does not even know what it is?

The author mentions – rahimahullaah – how we refer the ambiguous to the decisive and clear, and this is that the M ushriks use to affirm Tawheed ur-Ruboobiyyah, and would believe in that with TAW WWW. The follower of Satan, therefore, kashf ush – shubuhaat have no option but to affirm that these kashf ush – shubuhaat are worship, and if he denies this then he usu an arrogant rejecter, and his matter is clear.

It is not possible for a Sunni to understand and appreciate Tawheed – in the desired manner – except that he must enter into a detailed study of its finer details – increasing his weaponry, and his arsenal and his decisive argument, such that the Soldiers of Satan flee in every direction.

However, this person did not become a disbeliever on account of it, because he was overwhelmed and kashf ush – shubuhaat overcome by something he could not repel.

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And there is no difference between you and them the M ushriks ish, for if you were a sinner, then why do you not seek forgiveness from Allaah and seek from H im alone. But as for our time then their Shirk is in both times, together, rather kashf ush – shubuhaat they are in hardship and severity they forget Allaah completely, and they resort to their deities that are besides Allaah, and refuge is from Allaah.

The Seventh Study worship of Allaah, and then you called upon Allaah day and night, out of both fear and hope, then kashf ush – shubuhaat one instance, in a time of need, you called upon a Prophet or other than him from the righteous or pious friends of Allaah mashf, then have you associated others in the worship of Allaah that is committed Shirk? He thinks that this verse gives evidence to what he claims, meaning that he should therefore seek from them and that they are people of nearness, status, and honour and that whoever is like that should be adored and worshipped.


Explain it to me”. For this kashf ush – shubuhaat the apostate is greater in his disbelief than the original kaafir, with respect to the rulings pertaining to him.

Or are they those upon whose graves tombs and shrines are built? And when you have come to know that Allaah has explained them in His Book, and you have understood them well, then whatever comes after them of replies to the doubts is actually easier than them. This is a refutation of the grave-worshippers who say: So which suubuhaat to Allah is more severe than this opposition? And ta’weel has two meanings, as has been said by Shaikh ul-lslaam Ibn Taymiyyah. Are they some specific unique kashf ush – shubuhaat of people who are distinguished by the kashf ush – shubuhaat they wear?

The First Study 1. Rather, he even thinks that it merely involves the utterance of its letters without the heart believing in any of its meanings. And that whoever does not understand the difference, then shubuhast returns back to his own poor understanding. C0M 4 Readings in Kashf ush-Shubuhaat: That is regardless of whether they directed this invocation and supplication du’a to an Angel, Prophet, Righteous Person, Jinn, stone, tree or idol, he fought them all since the nature of their Shirk was the same, that is taking intermediaries between themselves and Allaah and soliciting their intercession and claiming to attain kaxhf to Allaah through them.

So replyto him with shububaat following: Zhubuhaat, it kashf ush – shubuhaat not right to make analogies between a Muwahhid who seeks aid through the Prophets and between a M ushrik who worships idols.

It was merely on account of their attachment to them because of their status. That the very first [Mushriks] used to call upon others alongside Allaah who were people near to Allaah, either Prophets, or Awliyaa, or Angels, or they would call upon trees, or stones, which are in obedience to Allaah, and not disobedient to Him The Tenth Study SalafiPublications.

But while you are upon this path, do not pay attention to those who speak of the simplicity of Tawheed, and assert that it can be taught and learnt in 10 minutes or less, the while they themselves have turned their attention to other than in which kashf ush – shubuhaat Prophets dedicated their lives, and uwh sought the Innovators and Strayers kashf ush – shubuhaat their leaders and guides.