4 Oct Feedback about this guide, or any error found, can be reported using the that shows the configuration of the system rules for the firewall’s DNAT. It is also the only zone that by default can access the management interface. 1 Mar Endian UTM Reference Manual. This reference can be found here: UTM series: Security gateways, i.e. Mini 25, Mercury Series, Macro Series – this manual. Network configuration The Firewall Menu · Common. The rest of this guide follows the layout of the main navigation bar – each Support for ICMP protocol; handling of multiple sources/ports/protocols per rule.

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The footer is placed at the very bottom of the page. The top line shows Status: However, errors cannot be completely ruled out. GREEN, the internal network, i. Specify “admin” as the username and provide the password you set during the installation or, if you bought an appliance, the one you got from your reseller.

The main navigation bar and the sub menu now remain steady on the top and of the left-hand side of the window, respectively, when scrolling down a long page.

The remainder of this section contains some basic information about this guide and how to move your first steps within the Endian UTM Appliance, introducing some important concepts and describing the most significant parts of GUI.

New in version 2. This manual has been written for the 3.

Getting Started — Endian UTM Reference Manual

A sample screenshot of the Service module can be seen below. In case the network is not configured properly, the serial console may represent the only way to access the Endian UTM Appliance. This zone is the most protected one and is dedicated to the workstations and should never be directly accessed from the Configuratipn zone.

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All trade names are used without a guarantee of free usage and might be registered trademarks. The only exception to the layout of the Endian UTM Appliance GUI is the Hotspot Administration Interfacepictured in the screenshot below, which has no footer, places the submenu under the main menubar, and presents on the far right of the menubar a Main menu link to go back to the main menu.

Backup Zero-configuration backups to USB stick: The header, the main menubar, the sub-menu, the main area, and the footer. This sections presents the conventions used in the remainder of the manual, then provides introductory notions about the concept of zonesand finally firewaol the GUI of the Endian UTM 3. This policy is only available in firewall rules.

The Hotspot Administration Interface indeed, has many functionalities, configuration options, and menus, configuratiion the choice was to create a dedicated menubar. At the bottom of every page that allows the customisation of one or more options, there is the option to Save and store the new configuration on disk or to cancel the customisation done so far.

RED, this is the so-called Untrusted segmenti. For more information please visit Endian’s web site at http: Particularly elaborate services like e.

Endian Firewall Reference Manual r.

These icons are placed in the Actions column on the right of the various tables that appear on the pages and usually show a list of the items defined, like e. There are two types of actions that can be performed within the GUI: You can change the status by clicking on the icon.

The vast majority of the pages, however, shows a table containing various information about the current configured settings, allowing to modify or delete existing items and settings and to fierwall new ones. The guire line shows the version of the appliance with the deployset, and the copyright, with a link to Endian web site.

Endian UTM 5.0 Reference Manual

The Endian Firewall Reference Manual 2. It encompasses all the networks outside the Endian UTM Appliance or, broadly speaking, the Internet, and is the source of incoming connections. There are also console-based access via SSH and serial console, firewxll they are suggested to advanced users only. For the sake of convenience, when this action is required, a callout is displayed after the settings have been saved, with an Apply button, to be clicked to restart the service.


Feature that was present in previous releases, but that changed in the 2. Using SSH access or via serial console.

A Tooltip is displayed for various terms when moving the mouse over them. There are also some terms that have a special usage or meaning throughout this manual, and that can be found in the Glossary.

The gray switch suggests that the service is disabled and inactive, with the main area showing no settings or configuration options.

Some action is only available on some type of lists: Thanks to Sourceforge for the hosting. All programs and details contained within this document have been created to the best of our knowledge and tested carefully. Confighration, if an attacker manages to break into one of the servers, she will be trapped within the DMZ and will not be able reach the GREEN zone, making impossible for her to gain sensitive information from local machines in the GREEN zone. You are really helping us very much!

The rest of this manual follows the layout of the main navigation bar: Console-based access to the Endian UTM Appliance is suggested only to users that are acquainted with the Linux command line.

Copyright c Configurafion srl, Italy. Without the great work of the Smoothwall and then the Firdwall team, neither Endian Firewall nor this document would exist.