Introduction This first American edition of Édouard Schuré’s The Great Initiates marks another chapter in the eventful history of a remarkable book. According to a. The Great Initiates has ratings and 10 reviews. Édouard Schuré The Great Initiates encompasses long centuries of human existence and reflects our. RELIGION/OCCULT. “Édouard Schuré speaks about the ‘Great Illuminated,’ the Great Initiates, who have looked deeply into the background of things, and from.

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Teffy rated it it was amazing Apr 09, It is his constructive answer to “the stagnation, disgust and impotence” resulting from a one-sided view of life, a pernicious evil still at work in human affairs today.

Religion ultimately can reveal the greatest verities to the simplest hearts. These ideas can awaken within every human being a premonition of the solution of the riddles of existence.

From this time, “the infinite deeps of the Invisible” seemed to draw the boy ever and again into the cathedral at Strasbourg. I was filled with the impulse to trace the connection between the revelation of Eleusis and that of the Christ.

To the very end of his long life, her spiritual presence was edouard schure the great initiates constant comfort, his strength, his consolation in sorrow, his joy and inspiration, and edouard schure the great initiates deepest reverence, appreciation and gratitude he often spoke of all that she meant, of all that she had brought to him This direct relationship with the spiritual world was the result of the death of her child, which had taken place some years before.

Writers well known in the Russian literature of the period were present, including the poets K. One afternoon he was sitting in a corner of the lofty gallery of the cathedral, gazing in deep absorption at the light streaming through a great rose schyre.

The Great Initiates: A Study of the Secret History of Religions

This idea is none edouard schure the great initiates than a clear and determined reconciliation between science and religion, whose dualism has sapped the foundations of our civilization, and threatens us with the worst catastrophes. Retrieved from ” https: Steiner places Him as the axis and center intiiates the development of mankind.


Compared with the record of many modern American bestsellers, these figures may not seem particularly impressive. This personality has the capacity to lift the reader to the horizon of eternal ideas, whose edouars is the true history of mankind. Xit rated it really liked it Jan 13, I was certain that this man standing before me was to play an important role in my life.

At that instant, as in a flash I saw the Light that flows from one mighty founder of religion to another, from the Himalayas to the plateau of Iran, from Sinai to Tabor, from the crypts of Egypt to the sanctuary of Eleusis. Thus its starting-point lies where fantasy lays aside the cloak of illusion and becomes imagination, so that the highest reality is disclosed to the soul, and where the search for truth becomes inspiration, at which stage not the reflected light of thoughts, edouard schure the great initiates the primordial light of ideas, speaks.

It traces the great spiritual deeds of Rama, Krishna, Hermes, Pythagoras and Plato, in order dchure show the unification of eedouard these impulses in Christ Only the certainty of the immortal edouard schure the great initiates can form a solid basis for earthly life, and initiatew the concord of the great religions, brought about by a return to their common Source of inspiration, can secure the brotherhood of peoples and the future of mankind.

Something of the spirit of the great mystics, Meister Eckhart and Johannes Tauler, whose lives were connected with this place, touched the soul of the boy, and he felt the transforming peace of the Friends of God of Strasbourg. It reflects the lives and deeds of men of extraordinary stature, “the fire-pillars in the dark pilgrimage of mankind,” Carlyle called them.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this continued interest in The Schurr Initiates is that it is certain to make a very definite impression upon the reader. In familiar language he told us what took place in those unfamiliar regions And no one understood that better than Rudolf Steiner.

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Ibitiates had remained rather quiet. People asked where I had found this or that, and why I had written this or that in such a greta. Nevertheless, through them all edouard schure the great initiates the impulse of the eternal Word.

The Great Initiates

The strength which flows from searching into the souls of the Great Initiates has given him the daring and the freedom necessary to write such a courageous book as the one before us.

See All Goodreads Deals…. Today, without advertising effort beyond a brief listing in the edouard schure the great initiates catalogue of the Paris lnitiates, the French edition continues to sell about 3, copies annually.

In edouard schure the great initiates dense darkness where the alarming materialism of our age wallows, it is no longer a matter of merely restoring the link between the visible and the invisible for individuals, but of demonstrating how fruitful is the working of the omnipotent Beyond in the history of all humanity.

In France, he published his first work Histoire du Lied —a history of the German folk song, which earned scbure some recognition in the country of his family. Elenfuin edouard schure the great initiates it really liked it Apr 14, As he wrote, intiiates is concerned only with the physical and material world; ethical philosophy has lost the leadership of the minds of men; religion.

Of course I could not say where I had got all this and why it was so and not otherwise.

Jesus, the last great initiate

Trivia About The Great Initiat Mereshkovski and his wife, Znadia N. Published December 1st by Steiner Books first published This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I could not escape the impression that he had met these figures again in the cathedral.