Regina Winarski is the author of Beautiful Darkness ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ). Depois do ano passado, eu achava que nada poderia ficar pior. Uma descoberta terrível, uma morte trágica Mas pelo menos eu tinha Lena. Ela era a última. 26 ago. Em seu twitter a editora Galera Record presenteou os fãs com a capa de Dezessete Luas! Dezessete Luas é segundo volume da série.

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That girl did what she had to do because she loves you” At one point Ethan meets a new girl character name Olivia Liv and he becomes good friends with her but of course Lena gets jealous because they seem more than “friends. So we start off soon after the first book, with Ethan being the loyal devoted boyfriend while Lena shrinks away after the aftermath of the ending of the last book.

Stupidity should not drive the plot. The story was good in the end but I was too bored to even care.

One star because the plot was still Lena-centered and Ethan luqs Lena end up together in the end. To ask other readers questions about Dezessete Luasplease sign up. It said, I’m not crazy anymore, just ashamed.

I really think the authors could have shortened these by at least a hundred pages if they’d have taken out unnecessary description and inner dialogue. Castors and humans can’t have sex thus fueling a whole subplot and racketing up unnecessary tension on the whole will-they-won’t-they Posted October 23, at 3: Ethan’s voice and observations. It could have easily ended in half the pages of its actual length. Too bad Abraham, Macon’s blood incubus father isn’t dead either.


But no,she had to say something weird to keep the story going. This also left me wondering why the hell Ethan was so obsessively in love with Lena, especially since there were so many more interesting things about Ethan I wanted to know about, such as the return of his dad into his life after the events of the previous story.

Dezessete Luas (Beautiful Creatures, #2) by Kami Garcia (2 star ratings)

I will not be going on with it and would not recommend it to anyone. The only thing Dezessefe got out of reading this was pure frustration.

But regardless of dezfssete veiled similarities to other paranormal books, this book starts out very slow again while that is forgivable to set the scene in a first book, it is just boring in a second book and I don’t really like the characters except Link and Lucil Just because you set the story in the South and call them blood incubus instead of vampire, this doesn’t a new story make.

Cut it in half and it would be a fun breezy read, but instead it feels like a burden if you are not invested in the characters. I liked that out of character, Ridley actually seems to care for Link and Lena.

And this whole quarrel is just a family argument. It just felt so convenient and lazy. I loved her, atom by atom, one burning cell at a time. I listened it on 2x speed and it felt like they were talking at a normal speed. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ethan is criticized for being more teenage girl than teenage boy and that is actually what I like best about him.


I wanted Ethan to move on from Lena because dezesdete caused him so much heart ache. In this book you get a better look at Link and Ethan’s friendship too.

Here’s a clue no one in a million years could figure out? When I read this part of the book up above I cried because not only was Ethan so confused on why Lena was pushing him away, he just broke.

I was honestly only reading for the parts where he was in. I wonder what dezfssete to Olivia and all the other drama that’s currently happening in the story that I can’t really mention unless of course spoiling it.

Dezessete Luas

I gave this series a fair chance to show me something of value, and it failed. So she keeps her self locked dezesssete in a box feeling grief and lost. I enjoyed the first Caster series book, but this one is very flat and goes on far too long for no real reason. I don’t think it is horrible, it certainly doesn’t piss me off in the way young adult series do, but it needs to be edited. Posted October 28, at 5: