RECORD OF INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE OF RESERVE DUTY TRAINING. For use of this form, see AR ; the proponent agency is OCAR. 1. DATE. 2. DA Form Request Form. I am a contracted ROTC cadet at the University of Hawaii-Manoa (Host School) ROTC? Yes – No. (Circle One). I am an SMP. WHEN PREPARED. Prepare DA Form by the last day of each month to cover the following a. Nonunit Reserve training other than Army Extension Courses.

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Fill in da form 1380 fillable date that you worked on the training. This is the regulation that discusses retirement points. Retrieved July 27,from http: Block 9, Column Blist hours of training that you did.

Use a black pen on the actual copy for the neat finish if you do this by hand.

How to Complete a DA for Retirement Point Credit and Pay

Block 1 is “date. The names of the support staff members that observed you are common entries for block 10 and block However, for the purposes of this form, you will only fill out a total of da form 1380 fillable hours. The SSD1 course is actually considered an 80 hour course. You could only filalble a maximum of “2” per day.

This will be the address of the staff that updates your record. Since the course is 80 hours in length, there will da form 1380 fillable multiple days of rillable. This is the alpha numeric code for your rank. Submit it to the office that manages your pay, records, and points.

He has 22 years of combined active and reserve military service. Type in your pay grade. Check your unit’s policy on this. Fillxble process your DA for retirement points and ffillable if you used a “P” code.


Let’s say that you were on active duty before that, from April 1,to October 31, Right da form 1380 fillable you sign for your needed items, he informs you that additional items came for you from battalion supply.

While doing this at your unit, you also prepare and submit a school request. EzinePublisher Report dw article Cite this article. Your RYE will be October 31 the following year. Block 7 is da form 1380 fillable branch.

However, I would let the person signing this form fill in their own information.

da 1380 examples

If your support staff is unable to process this at the reserve center, they’ll forward this to the Battalion S1. A “P” code marks paid time, you get both retirement point credit and pay.

You see your supply sergeant. You only get retirement points.

Figure Example of a DD Form , U.S. Field Medical Card. – Taking Vital Signs

Once you have your DAhow do you get started? If this is applicable da form 1380 fillable you, and you want to get paid, bring a certificate and a completed DA with you to your unit.

An “N” code marks non paid time. This post will show you step by step how to fill it out correctly. If your training event overlaps two months, submit two DA s, one covering each month.

The other way is from your unit. By the time you get done with all of this, you have 15 minutes left to catch lunch at the DFAC. P1 is the accounting class for this kind of retirement point.

Travis is a freelance writer that specializes in information da form 1380 fillable, political writing, fundraising and communications. How would you record this scenario on a DA ?

Block 9, Column Ais the date that you participated in the training. Depending on Army Reserve funding, and your unit, you can get paid to do your structured development courses da form 1380 fillable your own. Block 6 is your grade. If you do not know the date that your retirement year ends, you can look for it on the Army Reserve Portal.

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How to Complete a DA 1380 for Retirement Point Credit and Pay

If your commander authorized you, in writing, to enroll into a course, and to complete it, in order da form 1380 fillable you to get paid, then complete a DA for the course you just completed.

Block 9 gives you an opportunity to mark the kind of training, duties, or instruction that you are involved with. Your fillbale staff will process this for retirement points if you used an “N” code. This scenario assumes that the Soldier did two RST days to make up for missing two days of drill. After Phase 2, you return to your unit ofrm provide them vorm of the results of your airborne physical. You can find DA Form at armypubs. You come back the following week for Phase 2.

That page should show your retirement year ending date. Block 8 is left blank unless block 4 is different from the unit of assignment. Subscribe to New Article Alerts: You reported to Fort Eustis da form 1380 fillable morning, at their aviation medicine, to do your Phase 1 Airborne Physical. If you have a blank copy, make another copy of fillzble, and fill it out with pencil.

Use the certificate da form 1380 fillable documentation that you completed the course. Enter your name and email to get updates