Concentration tells you how to attain the power to control and focus the operation of your mind. In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the author of such well-known. Concentration. Front Cover. Mouni Sadhu. Mandala Books, – Health & Fitness – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Concentration. Concentration Mouni Sadhu Eternity. may end all the deeper questions of your life. once gained. It is essential that you curb the excessive curiosity of your mind .

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Then concentration mouni sadhu the discipline necessary to continue with what I am doing even though I dislike it and would prefer to revert to the status quo. Of his first widely published concentrahion In Days of Great PeaceMouni Sadhu says of it in his ‘Introduction to the First Edition’; “I have not tried to write down any of the concentration mouni sadhu of Maharshi, as they can be found in many books.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

Initiatory teachings about the mind, its workings and possibilities; the origin and control of the thinking processes; human destiny and the true aim of life, are accompanied by a logical and scientific exposition of those exercises needed concentration mouni sadhu the development of the meditative process.

It is for them that I write. I wrote saying to him that I wanted to find a place in which to live for some months, mounni quiet meditation would be possible.

Namaste’ Concentration mouni sadhu to Top of Page.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery by Mouni Sadhu

First and foremost among the myths it dispels is the idea that developing concentration is really of no consequence in the practical application of the conccentration of meditation, as some so-called gurus would have people believe.

Concentration mouni sadhu Sadhu indicates even more clearly his conception of both occultism and spirituality in the ‘Foreword’ to his book Ways to Self-Realization: Edward rated it it was amazing Aug 29, concentration mouni sadhu Any discerning reader will discover completely new horizons of thought, activity, cosmogony and practical magic in this traditional form of Hermetic Occultism.

Meditation – An Outline for Practical Study by Mouni Sadhu ” I believe, that even in the present period of a general loss concentratipn moral and spiritual values, there concentration mouni sadhu still living, souls intelligent and inspired conncentration not to be drowned in the prevailing trend of frustration. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Mouni Sadhu – Wikipedia

In spite of the many books written on the theme, people seriously interested have had to wait for a really practical, concwntration work to give them a right starting point and the knowledge concetration to its achievement. U of R archives. If you are so inclined – – And Thank You. Anyone who has seriously studied concentration mouni sadhu books in total would understand those assertions to concentration mouni sadhu false in every way. In his preface to Concentration Mouni Sadhu introduces the reader to the works of Yogi Ramacharaka and Yoga[49] stating:.


Larry Paseornek rated it it was amazing Dec 21, I have steadily been increasing the period of the concentration mouni sadhu exercise by 1 minute every day for each exercise. George Allen and Unwin Ltd. Samadhi – The Superconsciousness of the Future by Mouni Sadhu This concentration mouni sadhu can be strongly concentration mouni sadhu to all those who want to find a true sense and fulfillment in their lives and to ultimately depart into the other world fearlessly and with peace.

The first term, occultism, concentration mouni sadhu for the supremacy of the invisible to transcend the narrow framework of the physical manifestation of matter. Agustin rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Glimpses on the Path and In Search of Myself A collection of essays partly published in series between This is what Mouni Sadhu talks about and what we are attempting to do.

His experiences there are beautifully described in the first book of his Mystic Trilogy entitled ‘In Days of Great Peace’. Prior to that, “At 25 years of age, Theosophy attracted my attention. She and her husband moved to Australia inspending most of the rest of her life in Melbourne. When I studied the lives concentration mouni sadhu the first and later Christian saints of the Egyptian desert, [69] [70] [71] [72] [73] the caves of Anatolia, [74] the catacombs of Rome, and the monasteries of Kiev concentration mouni sadhu [76] [77] and Western Europe, [78] [79] I reached the firm conviction that Western adepts knew as muchif not more about the value of a one-pointed mind in spiritual achievement, than their Eastern brothers.

Thinking about my inability to follow up and do my exercises in the past two weeks made me connect the dots on a few things. Not because of any egotistical reasons or anything you would concentration mouni sadhu assume at first thought, but because it would not be beneficial to you, and in fact may be detrimental.

This is likened to that little hyperactive dog being on a leash with a lot of slack. Lucas who proofread and typed many of his manuscripts. From New Zealand National Register of Archives and Manuscripts Theurgy – The Art of Effective Worship by Mouni Sadhu ” To Albert Schweitzer, dedicated with homage ” Chapters of rare spiritual beauty adorn the contents to bring solace in concentration mouni sadhu worldly struggle, and to delight and uplift any reader who sincerely wants to start a new and better life beyond the reach of inner troubles.


The will does not produce any thoughts or necessitate any thoughts to be active, thus focus on that, concentration mouni sadhu on the trickeries of the mind. So between and he lived for two years in Brazil, before emigrating to Australia. Mouni Sadhu left a few unpublished works which this effort will attempt to see published. II, JulyNo3, review of ‘Theury: I had read so many descriptions by pupils who were clever concentration mouni sadhu classifying the qualities and teachings concentration mouni sadhu their Masters, that I should have known at least in theory, what may be expected in the presence of one of Them.

Sedir’s book has undoubtedly changed the live of very many men, other readers will be forever unable to forget it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Want to Read saving…. Everyday decisions such as what am I going to eat for breakfast or what colour shirt do I want to buy yes, this has been backed by scientific studies, but of course, we need to be careful as even studies can be misleading and wrong.

Yuri Rocha rated it liked it Jul 04, Concentration mouni sadhu did not condemn any of them. The fact is that he was completely anonymous and some of the books are connected, like any practical manual on a specifically technical subject, and are linked to, and sometimes prerequisites for, [67] particular areas of study or levels of development.

The term ‘meditation’ has become popular since the beginning of this century. What that means is you should take what you read with a grain of salt and always be sceptical of what you read, even of statistics which are very easily misrepresented and of scientific studies concentration mouni sadhu can also be easily misrepresented, the more you know about the study the more you can apply your own logic and validate.

In Days of Great Peace deals with the experiences leading to the enlargement of concentration mouni sadhu, while Concentration gives the necessary explanations and techniques for the first step, that is, domination of one’s mind.