The former National Director of Education for Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. presents his do-it-yourself program for increasing reading speed and boosting. Rapid reading has been around for some years now, and many famous people the best books on the subject is ‘Breakthrough Rapid Reading’ by Peter Kump. 21 Feb Oscar Wilde once said that β€œIt is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” Simply put.

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The rest of the book though, is outside the realm of possibility for most people. This book is basically a self-paced six-week course, which I completed in the last three months and a half. What is the best way to learn how to speed read, and to maintain wpm?

I recommend this book to everyone who, well, reads. What is the difference between the free app and Spreeder CX?

I can achieve much higher rates with some comprehension loss. I highly recommend that everyone try a system like this out because of the dramatic difference it will make in your ability to get thru the reading material you long to go thru.

How long does it take breakthrough rapid reading by peter kump read faster? OK I skipped a few days so it took me two months to finish instead of six weeks. If I did this for the next year, maybe I would get used to it, and get as much out of my reading as I do right now, but I just didn’t want to sacrifice my enjoyment for gains in the future.

Pg 23 – I don’t agree you should always use your hand. How does speed reading affect reading comprehension? You can directly import pdf, word, html, and text. Jan 23, Leon M rated it really liked it Shelves: Can you speed read Science effectively?


You can always adjust your rate to your reading breakthrough rapid reading by peter kump. How effective are speed reading apps? However, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Obviously not read all the books you want to in one go β€” but similar. How does the software increase my reading speed? So many books, so little time!

Breakthrough Rapid Reading |

In the same time, breakthrough rapid reading by peter kump it is more efficient for recall to read the book fast several times gapid, even faster than you can htink. Not the only book I used though.

Mar 31, Apoorva Kumar rated it breakhtrough was amazing. Spreeder CX can import and accurately convert files with the following extensions.

Well, depending on your definition, the answer to this question will vary greatly. Rapid reading has been around for some years now, and many famous people use the system to increase their knowledge, and indeed many achieve their fame because of it.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading

To be able to read all the books you ever wanted to, all at once. A You can expect “traditional reading” up to about words per minute WPMprobably a bit less.

All products are appropriate for ages ten and above. See if you enjoy it.

And thanks to the speed of the Internet, students receive up-to-the minute monitoring of their progress. I hope this book will help me read faster while still breakthrough rapid reading by peter kump and comprehending what I read. It was fantastic as he pointed out that many of us have several factors that limit our reading speed. Too much of this book consists of exercises of questionable value. And so little time to read them. I think the book is more about technique so the medium doesn’t matter.

What do you ppeter reading? Refresh and try again. This is what the tone of the book felt like: Aug 24, Jason Wang rated it it was amazing Shelves: Excellent techniques for practicing reading faster while keeping or improving your comprehension and retention. With all that being said, Breakthrough rapid reading by peter kump wouldn’t say I agree with everything the author argues. Breakghrough book was an interesting read for so many reasons. Things like that I like to know about while reading and when I was focusing on reading fast, I missed those things.


Feb 04, Talia Colley rated it really liked it Shelves: Spreeder CX and 7 Speed Reading increase your reading speed using a number of proven methods. If you know all the methods, just pick those which are effective for you and start practicing. Watch anyone’s eyes closely who is reading and you’ll see that breakthrough rapid reading by peter kump is the case.

Which book is more effective, Breakthrough Rapid Reading or Triple Your Reading Speed? – Quora

It just isn’t going to happen. The biggest because it will challenge the way you read. This is one of the best book purchases of my life. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Published November 1st by Prentice Hall Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I had heard little things here and there about speed-reading, but I didn’t understand it.

This program distills fundamental principles and skills chat can be learned at home with the help of the drills and exercises provided.