24 Jun Within the context of performance appraisals, a bell curve refers to a normal distribution of Proper analysis of the top 20% helps me arrive at fairer and more . 30 Jun Bell curves initially rose in popularity in the s. They were traditionally applied in performance appraisals as a method of segregating elite. Bell Curve is one of PMS tool work by forced ranking appraisal system imposed This seems easiest method to push people to perform at next level, increase.

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The supervisor is to keep a day-to-day physical record of the favourable and unfavourable tasks performed by the employee. Salary scaling also has negative consequences for employee morale and can misallocate budgets. Comments Listing Ashutosh Bose Posted: Regular workdays no longer consist of the 9-to-5 office regime. Why not the expected benchmark?

This is impractical as the replacement is always an expensive affair, and the high attrition rates can reflect a negative outlook towards the goodwill of the company. Sadly companies adopted this for their benefit instead of adopting an appraisal system to motivate employees parallely identifying the gaps or improvement areas an employee needs to appraissal upon!! Those who are identified as high performers are rewarded; they feel motivated and work harder to grow in the company.

Relevance of Bell Curve Method of Performance Appraisal | CavinHR

appraosal Business practices are constantly advancing, and with that performance management methods must keep up to be effective. Its a totally biased and the evaluation process has no rationale of a top performer or poor performer.


Your email address will not be published. The majority of the workers, who are classified as average performers, are provided with opportunities to enhance themselves with various training modules and other tools of improvement.

I am not sure who has invented this concept of bell curve appraisal system without measuring the pros and cons of this system. More money might inadvertently be spent on recruiting and training new employees rather than refining individual performance within the team. With small number of employees, chrve categorization of resources becomes too constrained, and more often, erroneous. By digging deeper into the competencies, strengths and career plans of employees and placing them in positions which map better to their capabilities, HR can play a key role in employee development.

Use of Bell Curve in Performance Appraisals – Good or Bad?

HR Kitli -4 August 20, Is this not rediculous? The key is to understand the Pros and Cons of the system and than adopting the system as per the organization’s need. This is like hitting a bullet and then drawing target around it If not performed low rating is guaranteed. The bell curve provides a forced ranking of employees that distinguishes stellar performance from average or below par performance. appdaisal

By doing forced ranking with adequate analysis and HR interventions we can identify the strengths and areas of improvement of the employees and place them in positions which map better to their capabilities.

So on average most gell tend to rate on a lenient scale.


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Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Connect with:. The question becomes whether or not they have the right people in the right sections of the bell curve.

Forced rating assumes that all the employees in a company can be ranked as follows: The low performers are warned that they need to get their act together and thus, the productivity of the organization slowly improves Accountability, which is the purpose of performance appraisals, is enforced across the organization by using Bell Curve. It happens only over a long period of time.

Advantages of the Bell Curve System Identify Top Performers through the Bell Curve Grading The forced ranking compels managers to make decisions and differentiate between different employees. Checks and balances have to happen all the while!!!!

Focus — The appraisal system has a single focus, namely development of individual and teams. Bell curve can be drawn on any data, provided the data is normal and follws Central Limit Theorum. They are given non-financial rewards in addition to flat equal increments.

Using the bell curve model may be perfrmance a rigid approach for rating employees. The bell curve rating system damages employee morale by force grouping top and low performers regardless of their actual performance.